Ribao BC-55 Mixed Denomination Bill Counter

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  • • ✅ Powerful Function and Stable Performance: Multi currency counter can recognize and count all USD, EURO, GBP, CAD and MXN denominations at one time count. The screen can show a breakdown of counting details including Currency, Quantity, Value and Amount. Serial numbers of banknotes can be recorded, exported and printed from your computer ..

    • ✅ Bank Grade Counterfeit Detection: In addition to UV, MG and IR sensors to detect UV marks, magnetic ink and infrared images, we applied the latest image processing technology to scan the banknotes with a high resolution CIS (Contact Image Sensor). This guarantees recognition of genuine notes and detection of fake notes, protecting your business from loss.

    • ✅ Easy Operation in Minimum Time: A 3.5-inch touchscreen with physical silicon button and easy-to-understand icons guide you to operate the machine with ease under different operation languages. A classical feeding system and high quality friction nudge rubber roller ensure smooth counting for different quality notes, from brand new to worn.

    • ✅ Various Working Modes: Auto Mode recognizes the currency based on the first note counted. MIX Mode counts different denominations. SDC Mode sorts the denominations. CNT Mode counts at maximum speed; 1500pcs per minute. Batch Mode separates the notes in fixed quantities. ADD Mode adds different stacks of bills together, ideal for keeping track of the total counting result across individual runs.

    • ✅ Easy Daily Cleaning and Maintenance: Open the passage from rear side to clean the sensors and remove the jammed notes. Software updates are applied via USB.
    【Guarantee】: We promise a 2-year warranty, which includes troubleshooting any error messages, bill jam problems or software updates. Just contact us by e-mail and we will respond within 12 hours.
Ribao BC-55
Machine Type Mixed Denomination Value Counter
Counterfeit Detection UV, MG, MT, IR, Double CIS
Counting Speed 1200pcs/mim in CNT mode, 800/1000pcs/min in MIX & SDC mode
Pocket numbers Single Pocket
Working Mode Mixed denomination counting(MDC)/single denomination counting(SDC)/Add/Batch
Operation Interface Buttons & Touch Screen
Durability Ultra-Heavy Duty. Flame Retardant Plastic for Shell, Metal Parts inside
External Connectivity RS-232 Port, Lan Port, RJ-12 Port, SD Card Slot, USB Interface
Key Features Serial No. Recognition, Multi Counterfeit Techniques, Various External Connectivity, Touch Screen Operation, Easy Cleaning & Maintenance


Ribao BC-55 Mixed Denomination Bill Counter

Ribao BC-55 Mixed Denomination Bill Counter

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